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The Volz Method Difference.


Normal piano lessons just teaches how to read music.

But Reading music is a very mathematical, inartistic process that is good for left-brained people.


But what of those who are more creative types? They might fair better learning music by ear, or perhaps composing their own music!

In addition to reading music weekly, the strength of the student is found and focused on, and they are more motivated and learn the piano quicker!


Is your child more right brained or left brained? How do they learn?


EVERY student is good at one of the following. 

Playing by ear

Some children can literally just play back what I play for them. They have the most fulfillment in learning fun songs by ear!


Some of my students are more right brained, creative types. They have more fun just making something up!

Sight Reading

Those students best at math are the ones that read music the best. Sight reading is a logical, mathematical process of recognizing patterns on the page. 


Arranging means to take an existing song and make it cooler. Some students enjoy this engineering type of playing, building upon existing music.

An example of an arranger!

"He definitely exceeded my expectation on what I thought a piano teacher should do with their student." 

An example of an composer!

 "My ten year old daughter… it turns out she has a gift for composing… Mr. Mike taught her and now she sits down and plays the most beautiful things!"

One of my students who plays by ear!

These results are NORMAL. Have a piano teacher come teach at YOUR home!

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